Consumers use different digital tools to enhance their health care, from health apps to wearables.

Your Guide to Digital Patient Engagement Tools

Why Do Healthcare Sectors Need Digital Patient Engagement Tools

  • Access their medical information;
  • Refill their prescriptions;
  • Book their appointments and medical checkups online.

Digital Patient Engagement Tools: What Are They?

  • Secure patient-doctor messaging;
  • Live online chats about a patient’s treatment and progress.
  • Digital patient check-ins;
  • Online appointment scheduling;
  • Online provider search;
  • Online billing;
  • Virtual waiting rooms;
  • Self-service kiosks;
  • Telehealth;
  • Pre- and post-patient visits, counseling, and education;
  • Patient satisfaction level surveys

What Is Digital Health, And How Is It Beneficial?

  • Mobile health (mHealth);
  • Health information technology (IT);
  • Telehealth and telemedicine;
  • Personalized medicine;
  • Wearable devices.

Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data Healthcare Industry

  • Additional yet avoidable tests;
  • Delayed treatment plans;
  • Reduced survival rates from what would have been if a disease had been identified earlier and correctly;
  • False positives on tests.
  • Enhanced clinicians’ decision-making;
  • Improved patient well-being;
  • Automated healthcare professionals’ workflows;
  • Accelerated medical research;
  • Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Routine workflows;
  • Data management;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Drug development;
  • Treatment and regulatory activities in healthcare.

Benefits of Digital Patient Engagement And Clinic Software

  • 93% of patients anticipate using digital tools that ease patient-provider interactions;
  • 85% say that they expect to use patient engagement tools with virtual care access;
  • 97% want digital tools for online scheduling;
  • 92% desire the clinic software with online payment tools;
  • 94% want clinic management software with online price transparency tools.
  1. Great Patient Experience
  1. Improved Patient Access
  • Doctors;
  • Health information;
  • Treatment plans.
  1. Enhanced Financial Clarity
  • When to seek medical care;
  • Which facility to visit for medical help.

What Are the Important Features of Digital Engagement Tools?

  • Digital check-in;
  • Patient Portal;
  • Appointment reminders;
  • Payment plan options.
  • Digital Check-Ins
  • Disclosure forms;
  • Privacy agreements;
  • Family histories;
  • Pre-existing condition forms.
  • Patient Portals
  • Discharge summaries;
  • Medications administered;
  • Latest doctor visits;
  • Immunizations;
  • Lab results.
  • Message their doctors and specialists privately;
  • Request for prescription refills;
  • Schedule appointments;
  • Confirm benefits and insurance coverage;
  • Update contact details;
  • Make necessary payments;
  • Download and fill in relevant forms;
  • View informative materials.
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Payment Plans and Options




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