What’s the Difference Between an API vs an SDK?

Not every developer can clearly explain such concepts as SDK and API in non-complex ways for non-professionals in their field. Nevertheless, these terms show up more often than not during software development, and even then, they overlap. In short, SDK and API are used in different ways and for different purposes.

Software Development Kit or SDK contains software tools, libraries, documentation, code samples, processes, and guides that developers need to create applications for different platforms. SDKs often include APIs for developers to interface with, which can be used to create and develop applications. Companies benefit from SDKs available to developers because they easily integrate with their services. SDKs save developers a lot of time by simplifying their work.

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs make the software development process easy by providing an interface for two application programs for seamless and secure data transfer between them. With an API, business apps can open up their data and how it functions to be integrated with other software from partners, external sites, other departments in their company. Most companies, especially tech companies, have built APIs for their customers or internal use.

The key differences between SDK and API:

We advise you to read our full article, where we uncover the differences between these two concepts with clear definitions, examples, and case scenarios to aid comprehension. Tap the link below.




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