What is User Story Mapping?

Sasha Andrieiev
2 min readJan 29, 2021

User Story is a part of the agile approach that describes a software feature from a user’s perspective. It helps in the future to avoid critical mistakes. A user story can be considered as a preparation to establish product requirements. Usually, the user story is short and fit on a sticky note.

User story mapping is responsible for planning, prioritizing, structure work, and is always based on user stories. An agile user story map is a visual approach that shows the process more than it tells.

Benefits of User Story Mapping:

  • Ensures that Everyone is on the Same Page
  • Prioritizes your Work more Effectively
  • Keeps you Focused on the Product Value
  • Encourages Alignment Among Teams
  • Increases User Satisfaction

The user story mapping template depends on each business’s structure, but usually, it has four levels: the user, user activities, user tasks, and features. There are many digital boards to help international teams interact and create great products together.

4 Common User Story Mapping Mistakes:

  • 1. Poor/Insufficient User Research
  • 2. Creating a User Story that’s too Vague
  • 3. Failing to Engage the Team in User Story Writing Process
  • 4. Too Technical or Vague Acceptance Criteria

We believe that knowing and understanding customer needs is the key to success. User story mapping can help focus on clients’ product goals and improve them. Follow the guide to learn more.




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