Сorporate metaverses as an exclusive tool for companies

What Do Large and Small Companies Use Metaverse For?

Metaverse concept is fascinating and gives a sense of the impending future.

Sasha Andrieiev


What are corporate metaverses?

Most of you are already familiar with the principle of standard meta worlds like Sandbox or Roblox. Now imagine what happens when a business uses new technologies for its needs. This symbiosis of Web 3.0 and commercial companies gives birth to a new concept — the corporate metaverse.

It is enough to look at one figure to understand that the corporate metaverse is a promising direction. That figure is $800 billion. Bloomberg believes this is how much the metaverse market will be worth as early as next year, 2024!


So, what do large and small companies use metaverses for?

Even though new technologies are only in development, they can already offer practical tools to business owners.

The first reason is Fast communication with clients.

Opening a point of presence in the visited places of large metavillages allows you to create another channel for customer communication. In them, users can look at the product, learn about your services, or even talk to a live consultant!

Moreover, digitalization allows you to analyze user behavior at your point of presence. For example, you can find out which products your target audience is more interested in and where they spend more time.

With metaverse, you get Comfortable and cheap office life.

Can you imagine that the modern world allows you to communicate with your colleagues from anywhere? And it will feel like they are sitting at the same table as you! Businesses can use meta-universes for general meetings, online negotiations, or even seminars for staff. Spending money on flights or maintaining a large office? Forget about that! It is fantastic.

Watch the video to the end for some awesome examples.

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