What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry?

Sasha Andrieiev
1 min readJun 3, 2020


Cloud technology has many benefits for businesses - but it is also making advances in the medical industry, becoming a vital tool for healthcare professionals. What makes it so valuable?

Benefits of using cloud computing in healthcare:

  • Lowering computing expenses;
  • Improving teamwork and interoperability;
  • Managing analytics;
  • Returning data ownership to patients;
  • Setting up the environment for telemedicine.

To effectively address the needs of business and patients, tech-savvy healthcare professionals are turning towards cloud computing for all its benefits. Cloud computing, with its on-demand availability, internet-based services, and high-data availability, has transformed the entire healthcare domain and converted it into HealthTech.

Examples of Cloud in healthcare:

  • Microsoft Azure;
  • NetApp;
  • Medsphere;
  • Cleardata;
  • Nintex.

Healthcare Cloud computing has become a lot more than an approach to data processing. Follow the guide below to learn more.




Sasha Andrieiev

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