Top 20 Software Development Trends for 2020

Technology and software keep changing constantly and therefore, it becomes difficult to keep on top of trends. Moreover, with the emerging technologies, businesses and different industries deploy them in their fields to keep up with the competition. They constantly strive to serve their customers the best and unique products.

Main software development trends for 2020:

  • Cloud computing;
  • The monopoly of AWS faces challenges;
  • Changes in container development;
  • Global recognition of microservices;
  • The rise of Python;
  • The rise of new languages;
  • JavaScript is still the go-to language for web development;
  • Enterprises embrace native development;
  • React Native will still dominate hybrid development;
  • Using TensorFlow for AI development;
  • 5G network;
  • Edge computing;
  • Instant applications;
  • Smart connectivity;
  • Various types of reality;
  • No-code development;
  • The growth and rise of DevSecOps;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • New trends in technology for self-taught programmers;
  • Outsourcing development.

If companies and professionals do not leverage emerging technologies, then it might be difficult to compete against companies which have started to leverage technology to boost their businesses. However, it may be challenging to sort through the latest technologies to identify which one will be viable for your field. Follow the guide to learn more.