Stages of Successful EHR Implementation

EHR systems have revolutionized health information management. EHR aims to arrange the patient’s medical records into a logical system of digital documents. The records will contain all medical history details, including the results of analyses, X-ray images, information about allergies, etc. As more healthcare facilities, from hospitals to private practices, move from paper charts to electronic medical records, the benefits will increase for all participants in the process. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Benefits of using EHR systems

Benefits for healthcare businesses

  • Easy access to the patient records
  • Accurate document management
  • Cost-effectiveness

Benefits for doctors

  • Streamlined doctor-patient communication
  • Reliable prescription management
  • Improved productivity & life-work balance

Benefits for patients

  • Getting actual information
  • Improved communication with the doctor
  • Automation of routine issues
  • Security of personal data

Implementing an Electronic Health Record is a complex process that will impact all staff members. As with any new process, it requires tight cooperation between team members, including a serious training process. Having a straight plan can save time for all involved. Here are the main stages for a successful EHR implementation:

9 Main Stages of EHR Implementation

Stage 1. Setting the team

Stage 2. Vendor selection

Stage 3. Creating the roadmap

Stage 4. Define the budget and timeline

Stage 5. Infrastructure preparation

Stage 6. Software development

Stage 7. Security compliance

Stage 8. Data transfer

Stage 9. Staff training

Today a growing number of healthcare providers are interested in the secrets to successful EHR implementation. We recommend using these steps to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Implementing an EHR system in any healthcare institution is a serious resolution, but the benefits of using this system are obvious. Here at Jelvix, we can assist you with creating and implementing your EHR system.

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