Who is needed in a software development team?

Software Development Team. How to Measure Team Efficiency?

Wondering how to assemble a perfect software development team?

Sasha Andrieiev
2 min readMar 31, 2023

Selecting a team to develop a digital solution is something we face every day at Jelvix. In the video below, we will lift the veil of mystery and answer the question: “Who must be on software development team”

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First, let’s discuss some theories!

So far, companies have used three main approaches to recruitment: generalist, specialist (or I-shaped), and hybrid (or T-shaped). Let’s talk briefly about each of them!

According to the generalist approach, each team member should have a broad knowledge of the entire creation procedure. This allows all participants to perform together on particular stages of work or focus on different parts of the project, depending on the task.

But there is one significant disadvantage. Since no one in the team can boast in-depth knowledge of a particular tool, it is sometimes necessary to turn to outsource workers.

The specialist approach is the exact opposite method. This kind of management involves putting together a team where everyone will be responsible for their own phase of the work. But even though people can be very competent, it can be challenging to bring them into a single work format.

Finally, the hybrid method, by right, incorporates all the best of the previous approaches. Such T-shaped or “hybrid” teams have narrowly focused professionals and generalists who help integrate the various stages of the project. This concept helps to make the development process more agile. Let us know in the comments which approach is better.

Watch this video to the end to find the perfect team!

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