Retail Trends: What Shapes the Industry in 2021?

The retail shopping experience took an unprecedented turn in 2020 due to the global impact of COVID-19, with online sales, eCommerce websites, and curbside pickup taking over the traditional in-person shopping experience. Customer behavior is changing, and their expectations are higher than ever. Retailers need to understand some key industry trends to ensure that their businesses thrive now and for years to come.

Here are six retail industry trends retailers are embracing to keep their companies thriving:

Trend #1. Omnichannel Retail Strategies Will Thrive

Trend #2. Digitalization and Technology Will Enhance Customer Experience

Trend #3. Increased Focus on Personalized Offers

Trend #4. Ethical and Sustainable Brands Take Center Stage

Trend #5. Fostering Convenience and Fast Delivery is the Key

Trend #6. Social Media & Influencer Marketing Boom Will Continue

Retail is one of the most fast-changing industries, and the rapid adoption of technological advancements only makes it more so. Present-day shopping is more than just choosing a product and paying for it. Modern consumers look for exclusive, personalized, and seamless experiences, and they want convenience, exceptional customer service, and consistent communication across all the channels.

Read our full blog post for a detailed overview of retail industry trends from Jelvix’s experts.




CEO at Jelvix | Global Technology Partner for Software Innovation and Industry-Leading Solutions

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Sasha Andrieiev

Sasha Andrieiev

CEO at Jelvix | Global Technology Partner for Software Innovation and Industry-Leading Solutions

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