Mobile-first strategy: Everything you need to know

Sasha Andrieiev
2 min readOct 20, 2021


In a nutshell, the mobile-first approach refers to the decision to shape your business with mobile users as the priority. More specifically, a mobile-first strategy can mean prioritizing your businesses’ mobile app and mobile web capabilities over desktop.

People worldwide are relying on mobile devices more than ever — from using them as their main communication line to relying on them as their personal computers. 78% of all teenagers use their smartphone instead of a laptop, and users access almost 70% of all media via their phones. Businesses are catching up on trends and choosing a mobile-first digital strategy due to the increase of mobile users and mobile web usage. Mobile apps can also help to build a strong relationship with customers as a result of personalization.

Benefits of being mobile-first:

  • All-time availability
  • There are more mobile users than desktop users
  • The ease of sharing
  • Offers better customer experience
  • More revenue

To optimize your website into a mobile-first strategy, just developing a mobile website is not enough, and you have to consider all the X and Y factors to get it working. Read our full article to see what practices in developing your mobile-first strategy will deliver the best results.



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