Measuring Software Quality Using Quality Metrics

Everyone knows that quality matters, but what is software quality? IThis article will describe a few aspects of software quality and pay attention to the importance of software quality management.

Software measurement checks if the software solution satisfies its requirements. The requirements can be classified as functional or non-functional.

Functional Requirements

  • Usability

Non-functional Requirements

They aren’t concerned with the specific features but define how the whole system should work. Although the end-users can’t see it, this is what determines the product quality. Failure to meet them will result in poor performance, security breaches, and other unpleasant consequences.

Why are Software Development Quality Metrics Important for Business?

We live in a world where quality matters in each aspect of our lives. In the tech world, software quality not only matters but can also play a critical role in the success of the entire product. Here are metrics of code quality:

  1. Performance

Best Practices Improving the Code Quality

Apart from testing automated tools for code analysis and code review, we use the common best practices to help our developers write high-quality code even before it comes to multiple checkpoints.

  • Use a Coding Standard

Check our full blog post, where we provide brief guidelines on how you can actually measure each aspect of the software quality in your organization to understand the quality of your software and help you improve it.



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