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Low Code, No Code or Custom Code Development: Which Is Better? PART 1

This article will investigate critical differences, benefits, and possible drawbacks of low code / no code / custom code application development.

Custom Software Development: Definition & Key Features

Benefits of Custom Development over No Code and Low Code Solutions

Unlimited Functionality

Increased Flexibility

Maximum Security


High Quality



Low Code and No Code: Definition & Key Features

What is Low Code Application Development?

What is a No Code Development?

Benefits of Low Code, No Code Solutions Over Custom Software

Better Accessibility

Accelerated Time-To-Market & Development Speed


  • applying the rapid application development (RAD) concept, which reduces the delivery time;
  • hiring citizen developers instead of high-paid senior specialists, which cuts down the labor costs;
  • utilizing fewer ready-made programming platforms and tools, which optimizes cost allocation.

Facilitated Deployment & Maintenance

Reduced Risks & Higher ROIs

Low Code/No Code vs Custom Development



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