Internet vs Intranet vs Extranet

Internet, extranet, and intranet — all three networks offer a range of advantages to businesses.

The internet is a well-known global network for millions of users to communicate and share information. It has the benefits such as the ability to reach unlimited markets, low-cost marketing, ease of transactions, access to information, internal & external communication.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet can be defined as a private, secure network used by an organization for internal communication and information sharing within a company. Its primary purpose is to help staff with easy and fast access to essential business data, links, databases, and applications.

The most basic examples intranet used for are:

  • HR intranets that allow organizing the staff documentation;
  • Corporate intranets that enable employees to store and share data;
  • Public Sector intranets that allow sharing templates and forms for bureaucratic procedures;
  • IT department intranets to effectively manage projects;
  • Real Estate Intranets that are used to connect agents and brokers.

What is an Extranet?

An extranet is a private, secure network allowing potential customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and other businesses to gain business information. The extranet is often viewed as a hybrid of the intranet and the internet.

Extranet offers various benefits to users and covers key functionality such as collaboration with business partners, communication with customers & customer self-service.

If your primary purpose is to improve internal communication processes, exchange information, and boost employee experience, an intranet is the best match. On the other hand, if your business needs to foster strong relationships with partners, customers, vendors, and suppliers, investing in an extranet platform is the right idea.

However, deciding which system is better for your business depends mainly on the needs of your business. The article below describes the most important benefits and drawbacks of using the Internet vs Intranet vs Extranet. Learn them now



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