How to start and complete data quality management

Nowadays, organizations collect more and more data. Data quality management has a crucial impact on the long term. It is a set of business practices that include a combination of technologies and people who are responsible for the processes. DQM is essential for both big enterprises and small companies. Even simple CRM helps different types of businesses to monitor and analyze their data. Organizations make decisions and improve their services based on the data they collect. Success depends on the right data quality management.

Challenges of data quality management:

  • Dividing Responsibilities
  • Managing Cross-Functional Teams
  • Recognizing Data Quality Issues
  • What is Data Quality?
  • Maintaining Organization and Discipline
  • Monitoring Investments and Efforts

The process of data quality management:

  • Analysis of Poor Data Characteristics and Performance
  • Data Profiling
  • Understanding Data Metrics and quality criteria
  • Setting Up Data Standards and Management Rules
  • Practical Execution
  • Data Monitoring and Continuous Updates

The Jelvix team has worked with DQM projects many times. Every project has its own industry, specifics, and business goals. According to our practice, the team had to have high-level specialists in business analysis, planning, and performance. We can offer you such an experienced and well-coordinated team. We share some insights about data quality management in our blog. To collect more information, please read on: