How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Medical Billing App?

Sasha Andrieiev
2 min readFeb 2, 2024


🚨$935 million per week — this is how much the US healthcare system loses due to medical billing errors, as reported by Gitnux. If you want to make a difference, consider digitizing the billing process for your healthcare organization.

⚒️Must-Have Features in Custom Medical Billing App:

Automated billing and invoicing: automate the creation of bills and invoices to reduce manual errors;
Insurance verification: verify patient insurance coverage quickly;
Payment processing: secure and diverse payment options for patient convenience;
Compliance with regulations: ensure the software adheres to healthcare regulations like HIPAA;
Data security: implement robust security measures to protect sensitive patient data;
Reporting and analytics: ensure tracking of financial performance and identifying trends.

💸Factors Influencing Development Costs:

More advanced features like AI-driven analytics increase development costs. Customization, adherence to regulations, and security measures also influence the price.

💡Tips for Optimizing the Cost:

🔺 Focus on must-have features initially and add others later;
🔺A tech partner with healthcare app experience can provide cost-effective solutions;
🔺Use pre-built components where possible to reduce development time and costs;
🔺Ensure the app is scalable to avoid costly overhauls in the future.

⌛Development Timeline and Pricing

The time to build a medical billing app varies depending on complexity and features. A basic app might take 3–6 months, while a more feature-rich app could take 9–12 months or more. As for the pricing range, simple apps can start from $10,000.

🫰A Tech Partnership Can Save You Time and Costs

At Jelvix, we have a portfolio of 50+ healthcare projects. Our approach is about efficiency and keeping costs in check for our clients. Learn more about how we can help in the 1st comment.

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