Difference Between AngularJS vs Angular

For most front-end developers, Angular and AngularJS are well known frameworks made for building web applications.

AngularJS is a javascript based open-source front-end framework and is mainly used to develop single-page applications on the web. It enriches the static HTML to dynamic HTML. It extends existing HTML by providing directives.

Angular is an alternative to AngularJS, and it is a major version upgrade to Angular JS. Angular release starts from 2.0. It is very fast comparing to AngularJS. It has command line interface tool Angular CLI and is easy to develop.

Use Cases:

1. Enterprise Web Apps;

2. Dynamic Apps;

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

AngularJS vs Angular


  • Works on MVC, Model View Controller Design;
  • Code is written in Javascript;
  • Code is not mobile-friendly;
  • DI is not used;
  • With the increasing size of the source code, AngularJS project becomes difficult to manage.


  • Uses components and directives. Here component is directive with a template;
  • Code is written in typescript;
  • Angular developed applications are mobile-friendly;
  • Hierarchical DI system is used;
  • Angular code is better structured, is easy to create and manage bigger applications.

The guide below highlights and elaborates the major factors of comparison among AngularJS and Angular. Follow to learn more.


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