Who is the most powerful, CEO or President?


The President of a company is one of the highest roles in any business. However, if the company also has a CEO, the President will likely be second in command rather than the person in the highest position.

Depending on the size, industry, and other characteristics of the company, the President can have slightly different functions and responsibilities. However, there are still some general tasks that are commonly associated with the role of the President, including:

  • Implementing CEO’s Vision and the Company Strategy,
  • Leading Managers and Heads of Different Departments,
  • Giving Recommendations and Feedback to the Board of Directors,
  • Managing and Keeping Track of Budgeting and Finances and
  • Measuring and Analyzing Employee Performance

CEOs and Presidents are some of the most influential people you will find in a company. But what is the difference between them? Let’s review this video.



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