Applications of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual reality in healthcare is on a rapid rise and has started its fascinating take-over of healthcare for the greatest pleasure of patients and doctors alike. Medical VR is an area with fascinating possibilities. It has moved the imagination of science-fiction fans and clinical researchers, and real-life medical practitioners. Although the field is relatively new, there are increasingly great examples of VR having a positive effect on patients’ lives and physicians’ work. VR is being used in everything from surgical preparation to patient illness and therapy. A study from Harvard Business Review showed that VR-trained surgeons had a 230% boost in their overall performance compared to their traditionally-trained counterparts. They were also faster and more accurate in performing surgical procedures as well.

Applications of Virtual Reality in Healthcare:

  • Treatment of phantom limb pain (PLP);
  • VR therapy;
  • Treatment of patient;
  • VR as a relief tool for doctors;
  • VR help autistic children and adults;
  • Pain management;
  • VR surgery simulation;
  • Physical therapy for speedy recovery;
  • Healthcare real-time conferences with VR;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Health education;
  • VR impacting fitness world;
  • Healthcare marketing etc.

Today VR can be a profound benefit to human health.Virtual reality is becoming a part of our daily lives, and even though many industries benefit from using VR, healthcare is a special case here. The importance of VR in healthcare has reached new peaks, and its use is present in many medical fields. Virtual reality is transforming healthcare more and more, and with the speed of progress it happens, the development of healthcare increases every year.



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