A Complete Guide to Chatbot Development: From tools to pricing

Companies aspire to provide better self-service ability to make the customer experience more appropriate and familiar to consumers. The adoption of chatbots is rapid among many B2C -related industries such as hospitality, banking, eCommerce, healthcare, and go on.

The primary purpose of all chatbots is to take human inquiry, understand information, and provide a relevant answer based on its knowledge. Bots are used inside chat applications, and people’s interactions with the bot are sequential. Another feature of chatbots is also data-gathering tools that help organizations understand their customers’ most frequent questions. Chatbots can capable accept commands in both oral and writing forms.

Chatbot features:

  • Human-like approach
  • Rich functionality chats
  • Extended support
  • Predictive in nature
  • Simple purchase process

Main types of chatbots:

  • Rule-Based chatbots
  • Machine Learning-based chatbots

If you want to create a chatbot — there are many ways to implement your idea. Self-service platforms provide many tools that can help to build a bot.

Chatbot development platforms:

  • IBM Watson open multi-cloud platform
  • Google Dialogflow
  • Azure Bot Service platform

In our opinion, the best product is a custom product, and we recommend to create a chatbot from scratch.

The most common question is how much it cost. Our detailed article can answer such questions if you want to know this information in hours and numbers.


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