A software development plan describes the development process step by step — It covers planning, ideation, development, documentation, deployment, launch, and sometimes maintenance

What’s a software development plan?

Software development project plans allow product owners, stakeholders, and developers to optimize development. The goal of a software development plan is to provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • Which functionality is chosen to solve this problem?
  • Which tasks need to be formed to develop the described functionality?
  • What…

IT governance is a formal framework that provides a structure for organizations to ensure that IT investments support business objectives. Industry experts have planned three elements of IT governance:

Governance Principles — as the foundation for the initiatives.

Governance Structure — outlining the roles and responsibilities of the key parties…

In the modern day we live in, people working with various organizations worldwide are generating and processing a massive amount of data. The healthcare industry successfully uses big data to collect and store critical information. …

Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) is a computer application that allows health care providers to create medical orders electronically in inpatient and ambulatory settings, replacing the more traditional order methods such as writing and transmitting paper-based prescriptions. …

Sasha Andrieiev

CEO at Jelvix | Global Technology Partner for Software Innovation and Industry-Leading Solutions https://jelvix.com/

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