A software development plan describes the development process step by step — It covers planning, ideation, development, documentation, deployment, launch, and sometimes maintenance

What’s a software development plan?

Software development project plans allow product owners, stakeholders, and developers to optimize development. The goal of a software development plan is to provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • Which functionality is chosen to solve this problem?
  • Which tasks need to be formed to develop the described functionality?
  • What is the order of the feature development?
  • Who is involved in the project?
  • How is responsibility divided among the team members?
  • What are the expected dependencies in the product?
  • What quality metrics will define the efficiency of the project and the quality of the product?

If there’s a conflict or…

Development frameworks are used to organize the development progress. Developers get the ready structure for their code base, can apply reusable elements, and increase product speed. Using web frameworks for the front end is common — developers use frameworks to work with JavaScript.

Using frameworks for backend is slightly less common, but it is just as helpful. When we work on web development projects, we apply frameworks to a client- and server-side alike — because it’s highly efficient and convenient.

How to choose the best Node.js framework?

When we choose the best Node JS framework for our projects, we always pay attention to determining factors. Normally…

User Experience became a separate field in development and design relatively recently, when Donald Norman , a cognitive psychologist, joined Apple in 1990. He coined the term because it seemed to capture Apple’s goals of delivering intuitive functionality and smooth interface, centered on users’ needs.

From that point on, UX design became a must for software development companies and startups that want to create a comfortable and attractive product.

Today, each company should aim to be a design-driven one, which means delivering the most functional version of its products or services in a way that’s convenient for end-users. A potential…

Everyone knows that quality matters, but what is software quality? IThis article will describe a few aspects of software quality and pay attention to the importance of software quality management.

Software measurement checks if the software solution satisfies its requirements. The requirements can be classified as functional or non-functional.

Functional Requirements

  • Usability
  • Performance
  • The way of performing the operations, data processing
  • Transaction processing
  • Reporting system errors
  • Administrative functions, authorization levels
  • Certification and legal requirements, verification

Non-functional Requirements

They aren’t concerned with the specific features but define how the whole system should work. Although the end-users can’t see it, this is…

With the new wave of financial services existing solely within a digital platform, more and more branches of high-street banks are closing. Some are reactively moving their services online, following suit of the many exclusively online financial services and fintech startups offering new financial innovations like cryptocurrencies.

But to avoid becoming irrelevant and redundant, banks must be proactive in moving operations and customer interfaces online by implementing intelligent, innovative solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Financial institutions need innovations to beat the competition and can’t survive by reactively building run-of-the-mill online banking platforms.

Use of AI and machine learning technologies in the banking sector

Emerging AI and machine learning technologies…

Running a successful business and keeping a regular check on all the activities is quite a challenging task. You need to look up so many things like the number of inventory units required to be in full stock or how often you need to replenish inventory, and how those projections will change over time.

If your business is generating gradual sales or is in high-growth mode, this article will be perfect for you as it will guide you properly to improve your ability in Demand Forecasting.

What is Demand Forecasting?

Demand Forecasting can be defined as a process of analyzing historical sales data to…

An automated inventory management system (IMS) is an inventory software system, often called inventory control systems or stock management systems. It’s used to monitor and manage every stock item in the supply chain of your business.

Benefits of an automated IMS:

  • Time&cost savings
  • Improved scalability
  • Minimized human error

Must-have Features in an automated IMS:

  • Stock control optimization
  • Stock item management
  • Supplier and inventory purchase automation
  • Management of client orders
  • Advanced reporting&analytics
  • Inventory database security
  • Integration capabilities

Automating your inventory management can make your business more competitive. Processes become organized, systemic, and streamlined, giving you more control over your business, improving efficiency, and saving time.

Check our full article for a detailed topic overview, and you’ll find out how to successfully implement an inventory management system.


Django and Flask are the most well-known frameworks among developers. They are both free, open-source, Python-based web frameworks designed for building web applications. You can hardly go wrong with choosing one of these frameworks to work with a new web app. While picking which one will work best for you and your goals, there are several clear differences to keep in mind.

Flask is a lightweight framework developed in Python that offers useful tools and features to facilitate building web applications. It has some standard functionalities and allows developers to add libraries or plugins for an extension. Flask is known…

When choosing a programming language for backend development, you need to make a lot of decisions upfront. The main problem with choosing a backend tech stack is that it implies your product’s in-depth knowledge. Your choice determines how the product will operate, scale, and fulfill user requests.

This is why, despite having years of experience in backend development, even now, we conduct thorough research when it comes to choosing backend development tools. One of the most common dilemmas is the choice between Python vs Node.js. Both options are tremendously popular, and both have their DOs and DON’Ts.

In this article…

Telemedicine offers healthcare using digital devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. It is a general term covering all communication between patients and doctors using technology and without being in the same room. It includes phone calls, video chats, emails, and text messages. In most cases, telemedicine uses video conferencing. For example, if the patient has some health complaints, but at the same time, must practice physical distancing or cannot attend a healthcare facility in person, he can make a video appointment with a doctor.

Types of Telemedicine

  • Store-and-forward telemedicine
  • Telemonitoring
  • Real-time telemedicine

Importance and Advantages of Telemedicine

  • Receiving high-quality…

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