10 ML Project and AI Project Ideas for 2021

Most of today’s powerful AI systems are powered by Machine Learning algorithms. ML is the field derived from Data Science and Computer Science, enabling computers to learn and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed for every decision rule. The idea of ML is that various forms of technology, including tablets and computers, can learn something based on programming and other data. It looks like a futuristic concept, but this level of technology is used by most people every day. Speech recognition is an excellent example of this. The most known virtual assistants Siri and Alexa use the technology to recite reminders, answer questions, and follow commands.

AI term is used to describe machines that imitate human-level intelligence while performing functions such as learning and problem-solving. Many industries started looking for AI-powered applications because there is a huge demand for Artificial Intelligence solutions in different spheres of life.

Here are 10 Machine Learning project ideas, from saving lives to building very profitable software:

Idea 1 — Diagnosing Parkinson’s with Machine Learning

Idea 2 — Improving Video Call Experience with ML

Idea 3 — An Even Smarter Speech Recognition

Idea 4 — AI-based Content Making with GPT-3

Idea 5 — Using GTP-3 to Do Routine Writing

Idea 6 — Detecting Objects, Animals, People

Idea 7 — Trying on Clothes (yes, even in action)

Idea 8 — Generating Textures and Patterns to Help Designers

Idea 9 — Leveraging ML’s Predictive Power to Invest Better

Idea 10 — Generate Ideas

A full description of these ideas and real-life case studies can be found in our blog. Please use the link below.